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At Crystal Palace Football Club (CPFC) we welcome everyone regardless of their background. We are committed to a policy of equality, inclusivity and accessibility for all, recognising the diverse nature of our supporters, staff and visitors. At CPFC we accept the social model of disability and that people are not a homogenous group; we are all individuals with needs and aspirations.

Accessibility is both the physical and attitudinal, we aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment which is intuitive to use.

In April 2016, we formed the Crystal Palace Football Disabled Supporters Association (CPFC DSA) who work with the Palace management to address issues and concerns raised by members. The association is open to disabled supporters, their family, friends and personal assistants.

We have a dedicated Disabled Liaison Officer, Pam Groves, who assists with information relating to travel, entry and exiting the stadium and on match days she is supported by safeguarding stewards for disabled people. For more information on disabled access or questions concerning ticketing please contact Pam on 0208 768 6080 or email

We currently have 128 dedicated wheelchair spaces where individuals, both home or away, can sit with other disabled supporters, their friends, family or personal assistants. Furthermore, there are additional easy access and seating designed to suit those with ambulant disabilities; equipment is also available for those with sensory impairments.

The comfort and enjoyment of our supporters is paramount and we undertake a number of initiatives:

  • Regular disability awareness training of staff.
  • Seat allocations to suit those with specific needs such as children with autism.
  • Commentary is fed to Mayday Hospital for those unable to make it to the match.
  • Concession rates for disabled supporters and free admission for personal assistants.
  • An at-seat refreshments service for those who need it.

We recognise that we need to improve further and we are currently in the middle of an assessment of the stadium against agreed criteria. We are working with a firm of architects, building control and an Access Consultant to prioritise and budget a rolling programme of improvements.

Further information will be made available with regular updates and details through our website.