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Umunna: Lambeth Should Be Red & Blue

12 April 2017

Streatham Labour MP Chuka Umunna, lifelong Crystal Palace fan, is delighted to see the formation of the Palace For Life Foundation and sees this as a perfect opportunity for them to expand into different boroughs across south London. One of those that he would like to see more of the red and blue in is one close to his heart in his constituency of Lambeth.

“The Foundation do a lot of work around where I live in Lambeth but I would like them to do more, I know there is the territory thing where clubs are trying to establish their own areas but Lambeth for me is all about Crystal Palace Football Club.

“It’s really important because there has been a lot of cutting back of local provision particularly at local level in the area of youth provision, therefore there is simply not enough for the younger ones to do out of school to channel their energy. Therefore the kinds of initiatives that the Foundation are involved in are absolutely vital.”

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