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First Team

WATCH: Premier League Warm-Ups Explained

12 September 2018

A typical warm-up for the majority of amateur footballers in England will involve a quick lap of the pitch, a light quad stretch, before the main event of smashing multiple balls at a helpless keeper. But for a Premier League squad, meticulous planning and variety is essential to keep players mind's engaged and their bodies prepared for the session ahead, with the imperative need of preventing injury.

In this insightful Palace TV video filmed on a drone at the club's Beckenham training complex, the Head of Sports Science & Strength & Conditioning coach Scott Guyett explains how a Premier League warm-up should look. Involving a mixture of running drills, and static and dynamic stretching to prepare all muscle groups, this video is a must watch for amateur footballers looking to get more from their session and keep injury-free.

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