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8 Things you didn't know about the Crystal Palace Beer Festival

9 April 2019

In south London, the warm beating of sun on the Croydon pavement as winter gives way to spring means only one thing: the Crystal Palace Beer Festival is right around the corner.

As the rest of London flocks to beer gardens and beaches, parks and poolsides, those who really know where to spend a sunny afternoon head to Selhurst Park.

It's happening all over again this year as we host our ninth annual Beer Festival right in the heart of SE25 on May 18.

Get yourself in the mood whether you've been before or not by checking out these eight things you didn't know about the Crystal Palace Beer Festival.

1) It's been moved previously for the FA Cup

It was a glorious moment in the club's history: the Eagles booked themselves a place in the 2016 FA Cup final. But while fans rejoiced, organisers of the year's Beer Festival cursed their luck as they were forced to rearrange the entire event for the following Saturday.

2) There are over 200 beers and ciders available

With enough variety of beer and cider to shake a commemorative pint glass at, you can make certain that you'll find the tipple for your taste amongst our vast array of choice.

Brewers this year feature Redemption, By The Horns and Downlands.

3) You'll have to keep an eye out for famous faces

That's right, it's not just the usual collection of Selhurst regulars that get their fill, with ex-players, owners and other celebrities also getting in on the action.

We've had Julian Speroni, Stephen Browett and even Neil Morrissey come down before, so who knows who'll be there this year?

4) It's not just beer - there's a huge BBQ and loads of entertainment too

This year features a whole host of live bands and singers performing throughout the afternoon, including the South London Jazz Orchestra, Slider and The Voice's Roger Samuels. As with the range of drinks on offer, there's something for everyone.

You can also take a break from sipping and swigging and grab a bite from our sizzling BBQ. Check out the beast below...

5) It's the only time you're ever allowed to drink in view of the pitch

Being able to enjoy a beer in view of the Selhurst turf is a strange - and, as it transpires, unique - experience, as it's not usually allowed. But the Beer Festival is a lawless place (when it comes to drinking in view of the Selhurst turf, at least) and so the rules are changed for this annual one-off.

You'll even be able to watch the Palace for Life Foundation's Play With Legends match take place, ale in hand and on your regular seat in the Holmesdale Lower. What's not to like?

6) It's the biggest Beer Festival in south London

With over 3,000 people attending last year and 15,000 in total now, the Crystal Palace Beer Festival is the largest in south London. At least we think it is. No one's really counting, right?

7) We serve over 13,000 pints

At last year's event, we served over 13,000 pints of real ale and cider, bringing our total up to over 100,000 pints served. To put that into context, that's 43 pints poured for every minute the festival's open - or one every 1.4 seconds. Bottoms up...

8) There's live football on display, too

Okay, we ruined this one with the fifth Thing You Didn't Know About The Crystal Palace Beer Festival, but it's worth repeating anyway.

The Palace for Life Foundation will be hosting their annual Play With Legends match right at the heart of the day, and you'll be able to watch the likes of Andy Johnson, Andy Gray, Julian Gray and Clinton Morrison battle it out for victory while raising money for a fantastic cause. Don't fancy watching? Bid here to play!

To buy your ticket for this year's sun-filled Beer Festival, click here now. Tickets provide entry and a commemorative pint glass to mark the occasion and only cost £12 if bought in advance. Please note that this cost will rise to £20 for tickets on the gate.

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