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Schlupp talks favourite Palace kit, goal and English breakfast

23 April 2020

Earlier this afternoon Crystal Palace fans finally got their answer to the big Jeffrey Schlupp-based question: Which items would he choose on his full English breakfast?

For those still wondering, it is: “Hash brown, bacon, tomato and sausage – not mushrooms; not a chance."

Our 27-year-old also discussed a wide range of less pressing topics, with Chris Grierson from Palace TV putting the supporters' questions to him.

Did you speak English when you  arrived from Germany?

“I didn’t speak anything. I used to walk around with a German to English dictionary and that is how I was learning. I watched a lot of TV to learn from that. I had a German accent, too.”


What happened on the day you signed for Palace?

It was quite quick. It all happened on the Friday and I had to do it all before midday to be available for the game the next day. I was there from eight in the morning doing all the tests.

I was actually in London on the Thursday night watching the basketball. I then got the phone call saying I had a medical the next morning so I had to get back to Leicester to get my stuff – I got there at midnight - to then get back to London for the medical. It was quite wild to be honest. I was buzzing the whole time.

Favourite Palace kit you’ve played in?

Easy, the black one. When we did the shoot, as soon as I saw it, I was excited.

Best mate at Palace?

I’d say Patrick. I’ve known him quite a while now. He actually came on loan to Leicester City when he was younger and at Chelsea. When he signed, straight away we knew each other and so did our families.


Favourite Palace goal?

Two I’d say. I really enjoyed my goal at Manchester City away but I won’t say any more about that.

And then I’d probably say the Bournemouth goal. When I scored that goal…oh my God…that part of the stadium was so loud. And I jumped a little bit into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

Favourite opponent?

Got to be Leicester. I always want to beat them but it is nice to see old friends and familiar faces. That’s the first fixture I look for: Leicester away.

Best player at Crystal Palace?

Wilf. Special talent. He’s up there.


Best opponent ever?

We played Barcelona in a pre-season game if that counts - so obviously Lionel Messi. But in the Premier League: Eden Hazard; he’s a special, special player. Until you come up against him you don’t realise: ‘Wow, this guy is special.’

With talk of games going behind closed doors, what do you think that’ll be like?

It probably will have that feel to start off with (of an Under-23s game). But if you ask most professional players, once you get into game mode anyway, you shut it all out.

When you’re game mode you just focus and don’t hear the surroundings, so in that case for some people it won’t feel any different.

For me personally it will take some getting used to. It will be weird to begin with.

If rhythm is a dancer, what is the answer?

Jeff Schlupp.


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