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Do you know Palace's record v the champions of Europe?

22 June 2020

Playing the champions of Europe: it's arguably the hardest match clubs ever have to face.

For Crystal Palace, that match is ever-nearing, as the Eagles travel to Anfield to meet Champions League winners Liverpool today (24th June).

Palace's record against the Reds is impressive - with the south Londoners collecting several memorable results against the Merseyside club, particularly in recent years.

But they've only taken Liverpool twice as champions of Europe, and will make it a third time tonight.

Nottingham Forest are the European champions Palace have faced the most, and their 1979 clash with Brian Clough's men resulted in one of the club's most famous victories.

Defeating the continent's strongest team takes some doing, after all...

Palace v the champions of Europe

  • 8th November, 1979: Palace 1-0 Nottingham Forest (League Division One)
  • 3rd May, 1980: Nottingham Forest 4-0 Palace (League Division One)
  • 6th December, 1980: Nottingham Forest 3-0 Palace (League Division One)
  • 25th April, 1981: Palace 1-3 Nottingham Forest (League Division One)
  • 25th October, 2005: Palace 2-1 Liverpool (League Cup)
  • 23rd November, 2019: Palace 1-2 Liverpool (Premier League)
Club News

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23 June 2020

Recently, the Champions League made headlines as it announced its 'tournament format' competition for the final eight clubs to decide this year's winner. 

It means that Chelsea - who Palace are still due to play - could in theory become the first club in almost 40 years to secure back-to-back English victories.

Here's how Palace have done against the champions of Europe in the season they lifted the trophy (incidentally, against Liverpool each time)...

Palace v Europe's champions-elect

  • 8th January, 1977: Liverpool 0-0 Palace (FA Cup)
  • 11th January, 1977: Palace 2-3 Liverpool (FA Cup)
  • 16th August, 1980: Liverpool 3-0 Palace (League Division One)
  • 15th November, 1980: Palace 2-2 Liverpool (League Division One)
  • 13th November, 2004: Liverpool 3-2 Palace (Premier League)
  • 23rd April, 2005: Palace 1-0 Liverpool (Premier League)
  • 20th August, 2018: Palace 0-2 Liverpool (Premier League)
  • 19th January, 2019: Liverpool 4-3 Palace (Premier League)

Perhaps the stand-out results above are Palace's two triumphs in 2005: one month before and exactly five months - as a Championship outfit - after the Reds' iconic success in Istanbul.

All in all, Palace's record of three wins, two draws and nine losses highlights why Europe's champions or champions-elect earned their crowns, but those five results are all the better for it.

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