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Hodgson supports players speaking out on ‘issues of such importance’

5 June 2020

Roy Hodgson has stated his support for footballers who “speak out on issues of such importance” in light of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Hodgson said: “We in particular, with the diversity we have and the amount of black people we have in our area who obviously feel enormously strongly about how George Floyd died in the circumstances that he died in and the riots [that] are continuing all over America, it would be very strange if players didn't have a view on the subject.

“As far as I am concerned, I have no qualms whatsoever about a player explaining, if you like, to the world in general what he thinks about it through his Twitter account or whatever.

“As a football club all we can do is state our obvious support for what is going on in America and our feelings for the people over there who are suffering in this way.

“As a football club there isn't very much you can do in any political matters unfortunately. The world of politics is a big one and it is bigger than our little football industry.”

Hodgson went on to express his belief that public figures – both footballers and non-footballers – showing their support of a cause “helps enormously”.

He continued, discussing how important it can be: “We have known for years that the entertainment industry, football in our country, is very big in that respect.

“These people [public figures] have got enormous power and when they speak, they affect an awful lot of people… The protesters in America are trying to show that there has been an enormous injustice, and it’s an injustice which they have felt for some while, that has culminated in another death.”

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