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Stobbs and Scotney: Palace player and boxer compare sports

13 March 2021

Crystal Palace Women forward Amber Stobbs and boxer Ellie Scotney took part in a #WhatAboutYou video with Palace for Life Foundation for International Women's Day recently, taking turns to ask one another questions about their respective sports.

Stobbs, who has been with Palace since summer 2019, is a core member of the Women's team and a vocal advocate for mental health support.

Scotney, a Catford-born Palace fan, is a professional boxer with Matchroom Boxing and won her fight fight in October 2020 against Bec Connolly.

You can see what the pair discussed by clicking on the below video, or you can read a snippet first.

How long have you been in your sport?

AS: I started kicking a ball before I can even remember but I joined my first team when I was six, and now I'm 28. I've been in sport your [Scotney's] age - 22 years! That makes me feel a bit old.

ES: I first walked into a gym when I was nine but I was like a little fat kid and didn't know what I was doing - I just wanted to do what my brother did! But that only lasted a year and I didn't go back till I was 17 - this is my sixth year.

What do you most enjoy about being in your sport?

AS: The moments you're on the pitch and nothing else matters outside. You're getting in the zone, playing, there's no stress - or a different kind of stress. You're away from everything.

ES: It's exactly the same with boxing. It takes you away from everything; you're channelled. When I imagine my life, if I imagine it without sport - and it's probably the same with you - it's quite scary. 

AS: I don't even know who I'd be or what I'd do.

ES: That's exactly it! You find yourself within it.

What has been your biggest achievement?

AS: I find this one tough. In football I still don't think I've achieved the most I want to achieve. Probably sharing my mental health story has been the biggest thing - it's changed my life massively and hopefully helped [other people], I know it sounds properly cliched. 

That goes above even winning promotion into Women's Super League with Everton, any game or anything - sharing that and finally being able to be myself and hopefully helping other people, working with a couple of charities, has been my biggest achievement.

ES: Probably like you, and I don't know if this is because of how sporting people think, but until you've done what you set out to, you never enjoy it. 

AS: Yeah. When I signed my first professional contract, I thought: 'This is the moment and I don't even have to look back.' But it was over the minute the pen left the paper! 

ES: That's the thing with sportspeople: you're so invested in the whole thing you forget the little moments that lead up to it. Then once you reach that little goal, it's like: 'What's next?' but you need that mindset.

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