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How did Young Boys get their name?

12 July 2019

Crystal Palace’s opponents in the Uhrencup are renowned for more than just their back-to-back title winning seasons and 1959 European Cup semi-final.

Of course, BSC Young Boys are also remarkable for their name. Unique in a football world of cities and towns, YB stand out with their rather bizarre moniker.

But the origins of the name are clear and simple, dating back to the original club’s founding in 1898.

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University of Bern students Max Schwab, Hermann Bauer, Franz Kehrli and Oskar Schwab grouped together in 1897 to organise a match between BSC Old Boys and FC Bern. Following the clash, the quartet sought to establish their own club situated in Bern.

Fussballclub Young Boys was born from this point on, with the name being selected to oppose the longer-standing club Old Boys. A fresh, new team founded by students, 'Young Boys' reflected not only their distinction from Old Boys but also represents the side's heritage.

Ironically, well over 100 years later, Young Boys are one of the oldest clubs in Switzerland.

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