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Meyer: "I study English for 2-3 hours a day"

17 March 2019

When Crystal Palace midfielder Max Meyer left his native Germany for south London, it was the first time that he would be forced into learning a new language outside of the confines of a school's classroom, which, it transpires, he didn't care too much about regardless.

In an interview with Palace TV, the German international spoke about how life was when he first came to English shores, explaining that the language barrier was one of his biggest hurdles.

"At the beginning, it was very difficult for me," he said. "It was the first time I’d left Germany and it was not that easy because I didn’t speak English that well when I arrived here. I did learn it really in school, but it was not that good in school - I only had football in my head.

"Everyone was good to me and it was easier then. One player speaks a bit of German - Jeff Schlupp. Luka is my neighbour, sometimes when we have away games we travel together. He's a very good person, yeah, but everyone was good to me."

Now, having been in London for over half a year, things have eased up for Meyer, who today enjoys life in the capital.

He said: "I’m feeling good here. I like it, I like London, I like the club and my teammates were very good to me: that helped me a lot."

And most importantly? Meyer's English, which after hours of fine-tuning, is good enough for him to get by and even watch the odd show or film. 

"After training, I drive home. Sometimes my girlfriend cooks lunch for me. I start to study English for two or three hours every day and learn the vocabulary. It’s very difficult to understand Macca! Most of the time it’s very difficult to understand the British guys but I think it’s good for me to learn it.

"I watch movies in English to learn it quickly. At the moment, I watch Two and a Half Men. It’s sometimes difficult to understand because the jokes in English are difficult to understand."

To watch the full interview with Meyer, as he heads to Brixton with Palace TV, just click on the video below.

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