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Zaha highlights major skill he’s striving to improve

8 February 2020

You can see it as his head goes down and his boots begin to flash: when Wilfried Zaha has his sights set on something, he’ll go out of his way to achieve it.

Now, in an interview with Premier League Productions, the Palace No.11 has revealed his latest focus and how he’s striving to accomplish it.

"I'm doing my best to work at [scoring]," he said. "Obviously last season I managed to get 10 [goals] somehow so this drought right now is killing me! But all I can do is get back to the drawing board and just every game that comes, I feel like I need to shoot more. 

"That's the only thing I lack in. If you don't shoot, you don't score. I just need to shoot a lot more. Hopefully this part of the season, hopefully I get more goals.

"I feel like that's all I'm lacking right now so that's what everyone should expect from me!"

And Zaha's approach to the season from a team perspective? It's typically focused: "I feel like you can never say the good work's been done," he reflected.

"You've got to constantly prove why you're a good team, go out there and try to win games. Me personally I'm not the type to even look at the table and try and add up things - no. 

"I feel like what we do on the pitch will make a difference. I try to put that across to my teammates as well. We just need to provide the performances, don't worry about anyone else. Don't look down, don't look up - just win as much as we can really. Obviously no one likes to lose games but we're taking each game as it comes really."

Zaha was speaking after an event attended by Palace for Life Foundation in which pupils from Harris City Academy Crystal Palace gave presentations on social issues which meant something to them.

You can watch the rest of his interview by clicking here now or 'Palace TV' within the official Palace app!

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