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When Eagles Dare explained: Delaney and Ramage's tears on the Wembley steps

9 June 2021

In the final episode of When Eagles Dare, we see the concerted effort from staff, players and owners rewarded in the most fitting styles with the victory in the play-off final over Watford.

Please note, there are some major spoilers in the below. If you don't know Palace's story fully and haven't watched When Eagles Dare yet, find out how you can here!

The triumph secured a place in the Premier League for Crystal Palace, three years on from the brink of liquidation.

Emotions were running high on the day, and it acutely affected one of the players you’d least expect: Damien Delaney. The Palace centre-back broke down in tears of joy after Palace lifted the play-off trophy, and his defensive partner Peter Ramage was there to console him.

“The trophy was getting passed along the line and me and Damo [Delaney] just got sick of standing there,” says Ramage in the fifth episode of When Eagles Dare. “We realised that nobody else was following us, so we might as well wait. He just sat down and started breaking down.

“It was quite hard to watch, I’ve never seen Damo like that. Big Irish hardman with cuts all over his face, you know - he’s a pretty young man.” 

Ramage continued to explain that he was trying to console his teammate after realising it was Delaney’s first promotion having previously missed out with Queens Park Rangers and Hull City.

“We didn’t even know the camera was there, it was just two mates just sitting there - me trying to console him.

“One thing I did remember him saying was ‘something like this shouldn’t happen to me,’ I was like: ‘Damo, you deserve it.’ He’d never been promoted in his career. He had obviously come at the start of the season from nobody wanting him; he was going to retire. 

“Then fast forward nine or 10 months [and] we’re both sitting on the steps of Wembley and just having a moment between the two of us. It wasn’t two teammates, it was just two mates, not realising it was getting beamed on the Wembley screens.

“I didn’t even realise it was [on the screens] until my mum and dad [told me] after the game. My mum was in tears, saying: ‘I can’t believe what’s just happened.’ Yeah, we got promoted, Mum.

“It could’ve been any two of us throughout that squad sitting there having that conversation, because I think that’s how close we were.”

The defensive duo later joined the celebrations on the Wembley balcony, but the image of the two of them that day will forever live in the minds of players and fans alike.

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