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Crystal palace

      This Cookies Policy applies to the official club website and official mobile application (operated by Delete Agency on behalf of the Club) (“Online Facilities”) and should be read alongside our Privacy Policy which explains who we are, the type of information we may hold about you and how we use it.

      The Online Facilities use cookies. A cookie is a small file containing an identity code. With your consent, your device accepts the cookie and stores it. When you next visit the Online Facility, the code is retrieved, allowing an individual visitor or device to be recognised.

      Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including providing personalised web pages and recognising your choice of language. Cookies do not cause harm to your device, but, if you wish to stop your computer accepting cookies, go to the help section of your internet browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox) where you will find information on how to do this.

      We use Functional Cookies to enable our website to deliver the experience you would expect and functions correctly. We use Performance Cookies to show adverts (our own and our partners) to website visitors on ad platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and LinkedIn and measure advert performance.

      Site cookies

      In the context of the Site, the following cookies are deployed:

      UNRVLD/InCrowd Cookie Name Description Duration Functional Performance
      UNRVLD cp-auth-refresh JWT Token Cookie storing the user's JWT token with the main user profile information 1 week Yes
      UNRVLD _ gid GoogleAnalytics Used to distinguish users and sessions when visiting the website 1 day Yes
      UNRVLD G_ENABLED_IDPS Google Sign-In trigger Determines login into website via Google Yes
      UNRVLD cp-auth Refresh Token Refresh token to actualize the user's profile information automatically 1 week Yes
      UNRVLD _ rollupGA GoogleAnalytics Google Analytics cookie to store a unique client identifier Yes
      UNRVLD OPTAW_gaCookie Opta This cookie is used by Opta to distinguish visitors viewing webpages the widgets are being loaded from Yes
      UNRVLD _ ga GoogleAnalytics Used to distinguish users and sessions when they connect to our site 1 day Yes
      InCrowd _ sp_id SnowplowAnalytics Stores user information that is created when a user first visits a site and updated on subsequent visits. It is used to identify users and track the users activity across a domain. This cookie stores a unique identifier for each user, a unique identifier for the users current session, the number of visits a user has made to the site, the timestamp of the users first visit, the timestamp of their previous visit and the timestamp of their current visit. 2 years or cookie Lifetime set on tracker initialisation Yes
      InCrowd _ sp_ses SnowplowAnalytics Used to identify if the user is in an active session on a site or if this is a new session for a user (i.e. cookie doesn’t exist or has expired). 30 minutes or sessionCookieTimeout set on tracker initialisation Yes
      InCrowd sp SnowplowAnalytics Stores a server-side collector generated unique identifier for a user that is sent with all subsequent tracking event events. Can be used as a first party cookie if the collector is on the same domain as the site. Can be disabled by setting collector.cookie.enabled to false. 1 year Yes
      UNRVLD _ fbp Facebook pixel To show adverts to website visitors on Facebook or Instagram, and measure advert performance. 3 months Yes

      This Cookie Policy was last updated on 31 October 2023.