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Crystal palace
      How to access your Palace account, or create a new one

      If you’ve ever had a Palace account used to access Palace TV, our ticketing sites, Club Shop or app, all you need to do is:

      • Click on ‘Login / Sign up’ on or download the official CPFC app and click on your profile
      • If it’s your first time on the new site or app, use your existing email but please reset your password
      • If you’ve been on the new site or app previously, simply log-in with your details

      Never had a Palace account?

      • Click on ‘Login / Sign up’ on or download the official CPFC app and click on your profile
      • Click ‘Create an account’ and complete the simple steps
      How to link your ticketing account (Client Reference Number)

      To view your tickets, access Membership benefits and view your Loyalty Points, your online Palace account must be linked to your ticketing account.

      To do this is simple - all you need is your ‘Client Reference Number'.

      This is a number that is unique to you, and will be have been provided to you if you’ve ever bought anything from our box office, like a Season Ticket, Membership or ticket.

      Following the launch of our new ticketing website in July 2023, all of your details have been carried over automatically, including your existing Client Reference Number. You can view these on your CPFC Profile page.

      If you haven’t already got a Client Reference Number, one will be automatically assigned to your account when you log in to the new ticket website.

      Never had a Client Reference Number?

      How to unlink your ticketing account (Client Reference Number)

      If you think you have the wrong Client Reference Number linked or do not see what you’d expect to see in your Profile, you can unlink your account by contacting the Box Office.

      How to access Member benefits

      If you’ve purchased a Membership for the current season you may be eligible for a variety of benefits, such as priority ticket access, Club Shop discounts, Palace TV+, as well as Member-only competitions and events.

      To access these, you need to make sure your Palace account is linked to your ticketing account (instructions above).

      If your account is linked, you can view recent benefits by clicking here.

      How do I change my personal details or password?

      Login to your account here, and then click your name in the top right on a your web browser, or by pressing the menu button on our app.

      Under the specific details you want to change, click ‘Edit’, and then save changes.

      To change your date of birth, please complete this short form. You may be required to provide proof of age.

      New ticketing website (July 2023)

      All of your details have been carried over to the new ticketing site automatically, including your existing Client Reference Number.

      To change any personal details, change them on your Palace account and they will automatically filter through to ticketing system.

      How do I add Friends & Family to my Ticketing account?

      Adding Friends & Family is a quick and easy process via the new Ticketing site.

      • Once logged in, click the profile icon in the top right of your screen.
        • Then, click VIEW ACCOUNT MENU.
        • Click into ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT and select FRIENDS & FAMILY.
        • Click ‘ADD MEMBERS’.
        • Enter the Client Reference number and Surname of the account you wish to add, and then click ‘SEARCH’.
        • Click ‘ADD MEMBER’.
        • Your Friends & Family list has now been updated.
      • You can choose between two levels of privileges for each account listed under your Friends & Family; you can either:
        • Assign digital products (e.g. tickets) to the Friends & Family account, or
        • Manage all the digital products in that account on their behalf.

      Please note: if you are requesting to manage another user’s digital products, they will be sent an email requesting permission.

      If I change my address in my Palace account, will that change my delivery address for the Palace shop?

      Yes; but we’d always recommend you double check delivery address when you purchase anything from our website.

      If you select a different delivery address than the one listed on your profile when purchasing online from the Club Shop, this will not update your address.

      Is the login to the website the same for the app?

      Yes, your login details will enable access to the app, our ticketing site and Club Shop and to view Palace TV on

      I logged-in using my Apple ID. How do I change the generic email address?
      1. Go to 'Settings' on your device.

      2. Click on your name/profile.

      3. Click on 'Passwords & Security'.

      4. Click on 'Apps using Apple ID'.

      5. Click on the Palace app and click 'Stop using Apple ID'.

      6. Then log-in to the app again using Apple ID and you will see the native pop-up, where you can select to hide email or not.

      My password is rejected for being 'too simple'. How do I get around this?

      Please ensure you include a capital letter and special character (! * & etc - please note, a question mark is not considered a special character).

      How do I add Friends & Family to my Ticketing account?