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Crystal palace

      At Crystal Palace F.C. our objectives are to maximise our players' potential as they grow and develop from the youngest age groups all the way up to the first-team, through a detailed training and the Premier League's Games Programme.

      We aim to enhance the players' capabilities and knowledge technically, tactically, physically, psychologically and socially.

      Our game model focuses on six situations within the game, but is primarily a possession-based approach that requires excellence in: spatial awareness, movement, technical adaptability off both feet, tactical awareness, fluidity, strength and pace of movement, and a collective respect and appreciation of working with each other.

      Our six situations are:

      • Understanding how and when to play out from the back
      • Controlling and creating in the middle third
      • Creating and finishing in the final third
      • Press our opponents high if and when appropriate
      • Retreat organised, compact and ready to re-press in the middle third
      • Be compact, controlled and calculating in our defending third

      These areas will be key principles of our football education.