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Crystal palace

      Crystal Palace F.C. is extremely proud of the passion and dedication of our supporters, and we want to make sure our most loyal fans have first access to tickets for the most in-demand games with our loyalty points scheme.

      You can use your Loyalty Points to access away and cup tickets first.

      Please note, to collect Loyalty Points in the Club Shop and catering outlets you must have your season card with you at all times.

      Loyalty points information
      What are Loyalty Points?

      Loyalty Points are points that can be collected by Season Ticket holders and Members when spending in stadium and online.

      The key reason for Loyalty Points is to fairly manage the demand for away match tickets. With more Season Ticket holders and Members than ever before, the Loyalty Points scheme allows our most regular supporters to have priority for such tickets.

      They have no cash value.

      How can I get Loyalty Points?

      How can I get Loyalty Points?

      Loyalty Points can be collected by spending in the stadium bars, kiosks, Club Shop and online through ticketing or the retail site. At the stadium, simply present your Season Ticket or Member card to have your points added. When purchasing items online, log-in to your account before you checkout to have the points added.

      I believe my points have been reduced incorrectly - what can I do?

      Points reductions usually occur when a supporter has received a refund on a purchase. If you believe your points have been reduced incorrectly, please email and we will look into your account.

      I cannot remember my account details and forgot my card - what else can I do?

      If you forget your card and cannot remember your details you can still have your points added at a later time. Simply keep hold of your receipt and present it to the club when you have your card or client details.

      Who can collect points?

      Points can be collected by any supporter with a client reference number. Points can only be used by current Season Ticket holders and Members.

      I’m an overseas supporter and I don’t get to many matches, how can I gain points?

      You will require a client reference number to collect points. We have a specific Membership for overseas supporters, tailored to supporters who cannot attend every match. You can see more about it here.

      I used to be a Season Ticket holder and have points but I am not a current Member or Season Ticket holder. Can I still use them?

      If you have points from a previous season they will still be on your account for the current season. However, to use the points to purchase tickets you will need to be a current Member or Season Ticket holder.

      How many Loyalty Points do I earn per purchase?

      Club Shop/kiosks/online

      Any purchase in the Club Shop, stadium kiosks or online (excluding tickets and Memberships): One point per £1 spent.

      Tickets, Season Tickets and Memberships

      Season Tickets: 500 points

      Home game tickets: 20 points*

      *Season Ticket holders do not earn extra points for additional tickets purchased.

      Away game tickets: 20 points (Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Southampton, Brighton & Hove Albion).

      40 points: All other away fixtures.

      Cup games: Points are announced when fixtures are confirmed.

      Gold Membership: 200 points

      Junior Membership: 100 points

      International Membership: 150 points

      How many Loyalty Points do I have?

      To check, log-in to your account by clicking here. Loyalty Points should be displayed under 'personal details' once you are logged-in.

      How do I know if Loyalty Points have been added?

      Points gained in purchases around the stadium should be uploaded straight away. However, they can take up to 24 hours to appear online. If the points have not been added after 24 hours, please email and we will look into your account.

      Missing Loyalty Points

      I am missing points - what should I do?

      Season Ticket holders and Members are allocated points when they join (with the exception of a Silver Membership). If you believe you should have more points or you have none at all, please email us and we will look into your account.

      I have previously purchased tickets for friends but did not allocate the points. Can I do that now?

      No, unfortunately we cannot backdate points for tickets.

      I have recently spent money in the stadium but the points have not been added - can they be added now?

      Points can take up to 24 hours to update – if after this time they have not been updated please email and we will look into your account.

      Do points get taken away after a few seasons?

      At this time there are no plans to delete old points.

      Friends' and family's points

      I don’t travel to away matches - can I give any points to someone else?

      Unfortunately, points are non-transferable so cannot be moved to other accounts.

      I buy all the tickets. How does my child collect points?

      Points will be allocated to the account given at the time of booking; if you are spending in store, in kiosks or stadium bars you can hand over the Member card/Season Ticket that you require the points to be allocated to.

      If you are buying tickets for more than one person you will need to allocate the points to the individual accounts; if you are doing this over the phone or in person, simply inform the cashier that you would like to allocate the points to the Member/Season Ticket holder who you are buying a ticket for.

      I’m buying multiple tickets online - how do I allocate the points?

      To allocate points to multiple accounts when buying online you will need to ensure the other Member(s)/Season Ticket holder(s) are listed on your friends and family list.

      To add friends or family:

      1. Log-in here and click 'personal details' under your account name (top right of the screen).

      2. Click ‘manage my relationships’ near the bottom of your screen.

      3. Add the required supporters (you will need to know the client reference number and postcode).

      I am buying multiple tickets, can I earn points for each ticket purchased?

      No, points are allocated per client reference and are based on one ticket per person. For example, if you are booking three tickets under your client reference I.D you will only get one set of points. If you allocate the other tickets to another account each person will get points.

      If I select a friend/family for a ticket - will the ticket be sent straight to them?

      No, the tickets will all be sent to the person who is logged in and purchasing.

      A friend of mine books my tickets. If I give them my client reference and postcode to add me to their list, will they have access to my account?

      No, they will not have access to your account; they will only be able to allocate points to your reference but will not see any further details.

      *Loyalty points cannot be earned when you purchase matchday programmes, purchases made in hospitality areas or non-matchday conferences and dining.