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Top Scorers

4 July 2012

A complete list of every season's top goalscorer.

There have been 53 different top scorers for Crystal Palace in 90 full season and both Peter Simpson and Ted Smith have topped Palace's goalscoring chart on a record five occasions. (All statistics correct up to 20.05.08).

1905 - 1910

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA Cup
1905/06Archie Needham20191
1906/07Horace Astley11101
1907/08George Woodger15132
1908/09James Bauchop19163
1909/10George Payne26251

1910 - 1920

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA Cup
1910/11Charlie Woodhouse1515-
1911/12Ted Smith20191
1912/13Ted Smith27252
1913/14Ted Smith27261
1914/15Ted Smith2020-
1919/20Ted Smith1919-


SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA Cup
1920/21John Conner2929-
1921/22John Conner1082
1922/23George Whitworth1717-
1923/24George Whitworth17161
1924/25George Whitworth14131
1925/26Percy Cherrett33267
1926/27Percy Cherrett3232-
1927/28George Clarke2222-
1928/29Harry Havelock24204
1929/30Peter Simpson37361

1930 - 1939

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA Cup
1930/31Peter Simpson54468
1931/32Peter Simpson24231
1932/33Peter Simpson15141
1933/34Peter Simpson21201
1934/35Albert Dawes1919-
1935/36Albert Dawes39381
1936/37Jack Blackman1212-
1937/38Jack Blackman17161
1938/39Albert Dawes14122

1946 - 1950

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA Cup
1946/47Bill Naylor1192
1947/48Freddie Kurz1818-
1948/49Freddie Kurz1212-
1949/50Ronnie Rooke2121-


SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA Cup
1950/51Ronnie Rooke55-
Noel Kelly541
1951/52Cam Burgess2121-
1952/53Cam Burgess1919-
1953/54Bob Thomas2020-
1954/55Jimmy Belcher1212-
1955/56Mike Deakin88-
1956/57Mike Deakin1616-
1957/58George Cooper1717-
1958/59Mike Deakin27234
1959/60Johnny Byrne19163


SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA CupLeague Cup
1960/61Johnny Byrne31301-
1961/62Andy Smillie191612
1962/63Peter Burridge15141-
1963/64Cliff Holton23203-
1964/65Cliff Holton171151
1965/66Brian Whitehouse77--
1966/67Bobby Woodruff1818--
1967/68Bobby Woodruff1818--
1968/69Cliff Jackson17143-
1969/70Gerry Queen11911

1970 - 1980

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA CupLeague CupPlay-Off
1970/71Alan Birchenall1410121
1971/72Bobby Tambling11821-
1972/73Don Rogers15132--
1973/74Don Rogers1515---
1974/75Alan Whittle161213-
1975/76Dave Swindlehurst191622-
1976/77Dave Swindlehurst131021-
Rachid Harkouk13112--
1977/78Dave Swindlehurst1212---
Rachid Harkouk1293--
1978/79Dave Swindlehurst15141--
1979/80Mike Flanagan954--
Ian Walsh9612-

1980 - 1990

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA CupLeague CupPlay-Off
1980/81Clive Allen1192--
1981/82Kevin Mabbutt88---
1982/83Kevin Mabbutt12102--
1983/84Tony Evans77---
1984/85Trevor Aylott981--
1985/86Phil Barber1192--
Andy Gray11101--
1986/87Ian Wright981--
1987/88Mark Bright25241--
1988/89Ian Wright3324153
1989/90Mark Bright1712212

1990 - 2000
SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA CupLeague CupPlay-Off
1990/91Ian Wright2515136
1991/92Mark Bright221741-
1992/93Chris Armstrong1515---
1993/94Chris Armstrong252311-
1994/95Chris Armstrong18855-
1995/96Dougie Freedman2020---
1996/97Bruce Dyer18171--
1997/98Bruce Dyer844--
1998/99Clinton Morrison13121--
1999/00Clinton Morrison15132--

2000 - 2010

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA CupLeague CupPlay-Off
2000/01Clinton Morrison191414-
2001/02Clinton Morrison24222--
2002/03Andrew Johnson14113--
2003/04Andrew Johnson322741-
2004/05Andrew Johnson2121---
2005/06Andrew Johnson17161--
2006/07Clinton Morrison1212---
2007/08Clinton Morrison1616---
2008/09Shefki Kuqi10----
2009/10Darren Ambrose201532


2010 - 2020

SeasonNameTotalLeagueFA CupLeague CupPlay-Off
2010/11James Vaughan9----

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