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Academy - FAST and half-term training

18 October 2012


Please see below the date and times for your age group for this questionaire:-


U9s-U10s      5.15PM    NSC
U14s-U15s    6.00pm    NSC
U11s-U12s    7.00pm    NSC
U13s            7.30pm    NSC

Footballer Attitude to Self and Team
FAST is a ground breaking and innovative approach to the social and emotional development of young professional or aspiring professional sports men/women. FAST is an attitudinal research tool developed by Empower Play and GL Assessment that allows identification, assessment, tracking and evaluation of the social and emotional competencies and areas for development of young Footballers.
There is an increasing body of evidence that the social and emotional well being of young players has an impact on their performance. We believe that with planned and targeted support in this area all our players’ potential can be achieved.
We will be administering a short (20 minute) paper based survey for each Academy player to complete consisting of graded responses to 50 statements. It is important to understand there is no right or wrong answers as the survey seeks to learn what players feel about themselves, team and club.
The results will give a unique insight into the area of player development and will allow us to support all players and their progress at CPFC more fully.

Half-Term Training

Click here to download the half-term training pdf

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