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Eddie Izzard: Palace And Proud

13 April 2016

Eddie Izzard has spoken about coming out to his dad as transgender, revealing it was in fact at a Palace game when the moment felt right to be open with his father – six years after he’d told everyone else.

“My dad had a season ticket in the Arthur Wait stand and sometimes he’d take my brother, sometimes he’d take me," he said. "At the time I wasn’t seeing him that much and I thought why don’t I tell him at a football game. 

"We were leaving the ground with all the fans streaming out and we got all the way down to Croydon so I said let’s go and get something to eat. We went to a café and had sausage egg and chips and I found a back room where no one was in and told him…”

The comedian is known for his bullish character, something which no doubt played a part in him completing his recent feat of 27 marathons in 27 days, two of which were completed whilst wearing an Eagles shirt with the number 27 on the back. 

It is also this determination that underpins Izzard’s beliefs in standing up for who he is without fear of judgement.

“I am a transgender guy, I came out thirty years ago, and I always thought about getting to a stage where football fans say ‘ok, fair play mate’. I’m an action transvestite, I run marathons and I wear high heels, if anyone has got a problem with that I will fight them and I stand my ground.”

Undeterred by any negative comments he has received from members of the public, the comedian says he will always stand up for those in the LGBT community. 

“I said to my dad when I came out, the British people will be able to swing with this, and most of them do. These are my genetics and I’m being honest about it. We’ve known for thousands of years people have been given a hard time for being LGBT, but I’m a fighter. 

"I’ve got boy genetics, I’ve got girl genetics and I’m just open and upfront about it and I wear the Palace shirt and I’m proud to do that.”

Watch the full video interview with Eddie - about supporting Palace, running marathons and lots more - for free HERE.

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