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Zaha talks Game Of Thrones and the one TV show he hasn't missed for years

12 May 2019

We all know so much about Wilfried Zaha the Crystal Palace legend and Ivory Coast international player. However, the Eagles forward sat down with Programme Editor, Dan Blazer, to let us behind the curtain of what a day looks like for Wilfried Zaha the man and Game of Thrones super-fan.

Below is just a snippet of what a day in the life of Zaha looks like, with the full version an exclusive to today's matchday programme.

"...I will then watch Game Of Thrones, that third episode of the current season ‘Battle Of Winterfell’ was mad; Arya out of nowhere! To be honest, that witch, Melisandre, kind of told Arya she was going to do something big, with everything she’s gone through like the changing of faces and moving in the shadows; I was shocked - Arya did it so well.

I have no idea who is going to end up on the Iron Throne; Jon Snow has a heart but I don’t know if he knows how to lead, as he always seems to end up by himself and luckily someone will save him – like in the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ episode.

A lot has got to happen in the final episodes! I am going to miss it when it is over, what am I going to watch?! It is the best thing I have ever seen, even though I do appreciate it takes a little time to get fully into it because there are so many crazy names."

The television chat with the Palace talisman didn't end there, though, with Zaha revealing the pre-bed ritual he goes through without fail:

"Before bed, without fail, I watch Family Guy in bed; the show is always on ITV 2. I can’t remember one night for years that I haven’t watched Family Guy."

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