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WATCH: Schlupp discusses family, food and plans after football

16 September 2019

In an exclusive interview for Palace TV, DJ Jay Knox joined Jeffrey Schlupp for lunch and the pair covered everything you could want to know about the Ghanaian international. Here's what they had to say...

What shall I call you?

Everyone calls me Jeff. 

What was your first experience of Selhurst?

Before I was even here, one of my first games when I was younger was at Selhurst. I must have been 18. I remember coming off the pitch thinking: ‘this atmosphere is mad.’

I’ve always said it - ask anyone I know - I’ve always said Selhurst [has the best atmosphere]. For it to be my home ground, man, it’s crazy. Every single week we play there, the energy is crazy. It’s mad, it’s mad. Even other people, other mates I play against from other teams, they all say the same thing when they come to Selhurst. They know the atmosphere is mad.

What position do you play best in?

I feel like I’ve settled well on the left side of the field. I definitely enjoyed playing centrally last year as well and where I’ve had to fill in at left-back I’ve not minded. I feel like anywhere left-sided I feel comfortable, but I like to get myself forward and this year I want to chip in with some goals. I got the feel for it in a few games last year. I’m trying to get in amongst it.

Do you like the 'Rhythm is a Dancer' stickers?

You won’t believe it. The amount of pictures I’ve been sent of where people have seen that picture all over the world. It’s mad appreciated. We’ll stick one up right on the front door.

What do you do in your spare time?

People that know me would say I’m really laid back. I chill out, watch some box sets when I get home. I spend some time with my little man, I’ve got a little boy. He’s got his tennis and football that he does and he’s doing some swimming lessons. I had to get him into that [football] ASAP.

I just kick back, I just chill out, play a bit of PlayStation when I get a bit of time.

What do you eat day-to-day?

At home, a variety. If it’s just straight west African, Ghanaian food, I wouldn’t be able to run at the weekend. I eat a lot of fish. I like to mix it up here and there. I get there [the Training Ground] in the morning at half nine. I go upstairs and I’m easy [with what to eat for breakfast].

We’ve got little cups of fruit so I get grapes, a little smoothie and normally jam: jam on toast. I keep it simple. On matchdays, I try to get some porridge in. I still try and get some jam on toast, white bread for quick release energy.

What sort of music do you listen to? 

I’m an R&B, hip hop man. I’m big into the UK scene at the minute, the new Afroswing, Afropop kind of vibe. That’s me. If I hear a bit of that, it gets me in the mood.

I’m a big fan of J Hus, I like J Hus. I got to shout out the Croydon boy, Stormzy. Everything he brings out is popping. There’s loads. There’s NSG, Yxng Bane, I like Yxng Bane. He’s got his own little genre going. There’s loads out there. Krept and Konan always come with fire.

And who controls the music at Palace?

It depends. One of the fitness coaches, Jamie, jumps on it early doors. He comes with some throwbacks to get us in the mood. When Wilf gets in the changing room, it’s all his. The speakers are his. He likes hip hop, that gets him going. You don’t get many complaints, it’s decent to be fair. It gets the boys going.

What happens on your birthday?

23rd December. That’s when it’s the hectic period, I’m always working. Christmas Day is the hardest because on Boxing Day there’s a game. You’re looking at the food, thinking: ‘Boy, if I could just-’. You can’t even go ham!

We don’t really get any [time off]. You get the odd day here and there but that will be in between three games or something mad. Even a day off is a recovery session. It’s hectic. The mad thing is everyone loves it. It’s part of the Premier League and why it’s so sick.

What’s family life like?

It’s mad because we’re actually all spread out. It’s crazy. Obviously I was born in Germany and grew up there until I was 10. I moved to MK [Milton Keynes] with my sister - my older brother still lives in Germany now. He’s got his family, he’s got his wife and three kids there.

My sister ended up moving to Canada with her husband. She’s got a little one there now. Once that was done, I was settled, everyone was settled, my mum moved back to Ghana. It was her plan all along. I was away, sister was away, brother was away, mum was at home in MK by herself. I just told her: ‘go home. Go home and relax.’

She’s still everywhere. She travels the world all year round. She’s done her job, she’s finished and everyone’s sorted. We’re all always talking. Everyone’s always talking. You’ve got to keep in touch. 

What plans do you have for after football?

I’m trying to set myself up for when football’s done. It’s not a secret: it doesn’t go on forever. At the minute I’m into properties. By the time I’m done, I’m trying to have a nice portfolio and manage that. I like to study about it and see what’s going on. I just try to keep myself to myself. Landlord Jeffrey!

You can watch the full interview with Jay and Jeff in the Palace TV feature below!

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