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Palace TV launches pre-match show with Mark Bright and expert insight

20 June 2020

Palace TV has launched Countdown to Kick-off, a brand new pre-match show which builds-up to the Eagles' upcoming nine matches.

This inaugural show sees Palace TV's Chris Grierson joined by club legend Mark Bright and The Athletic journalists, Dominic Fifield and Peter Rutzler.

Fifield, as many fans will know, regularly covers Palace - formerly for the Guardian - and is an Eagles supporter himself.

Club News

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19 June 2020

Rutzler provides this week's lowdown on the opposition as The Athletic's AFC Bournemouth Correspondent. 

Bright - complete with full Academy development backdrop - gave his views on a topical discussion given his company: "Any off the record conversation with player, manager, coach, owner - Steve [Parish] will have off the record conversations and you're fascinated with those because it's stuff they don't want to say in the press. 

"The players in England especially have a mistrust of the journalists. Going back to my day, the guys before us used to go out drinking with journalists.

"Then it came that the players didn't get the 'sports journalist/news journalist, story of player doing X, Y and Z off the pitch when he shouldn't have been' compared to the guy who reports after the game, wants to put a microphone in front and say: 'How do you think you played?'."

Fifield, who has been involved in football journalism for well over 20 years, concurred - and explained his earlier memories of a more relaxed era.

"When I started on Liverpool, we're only talking 2000/2001, there were journalists there who had been doing that patch for 20 years. In the old days, they would just turn up at the training ground every morning and get invited in for a coffee.

"They would have a coffee with the manager - be it [Bill] Shankly, whoever - and then there was a pub right next door to Melwood - I think it was called The Derby Arms, it burnt down a few years back - but the players used to rock into that after training and the press would follow them, sit down and have a pint!"

For more from Bright, Fifield and to hear Rutzler's expert insight into Bournemouth, take in the pre-match show on Palace TV by clicking here! If you're reading in the app, just click 'Palace TV'!

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