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Explained: The alien caught on Selhurst Park's CCTV

18 June 2020

As daylight fades around south London, a strange, unrecognisable figure nears the Selhurst Park gates. It flashes across security cameras and looms nearer into view.

On grainy screens, its cavernous, black eyes become clear - as does its Italia '90 England shirt and Hawaiian shorts. With a pink straw hat perching on its rounded, green skull, the figure plants a tripod, kneels and raises its thumb.

It then disappears into the still Croydon night, tapping away on a mobile phone. '59/92,' it tweets. 'The alien meets the Eagles.' And so Crystal Palace Football Club meets Kevin the Alien, alias for committed fundraiser, Jon Goodgame.

"A little while back I started doing quizzes on Zoom with some friends in fancy dress," Jon explains. "One of the fancy dresses I came up with was Kevin the Alien. I thought I’d try and have a bit more fun with it and raise funds for Mind UK, who are an absolutely amazing charity for people with mental health issues. 

"I thought I'd go out to the 92 clubs. Unfortunately with COVID-19, there's no staying over, so I have to travel home with each journey."

A West Ham United fan, Jon had always wanted to join 'The 92 Club', and through his marathon journey in extra-terrestrial costume, is raising much needed awareness and funds in support of mental health charity work.

Club News

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He spoke with on the final leg of his 16-day trip, shortly before driving to Bournemouth from Oxford, back up to Reading and then finally ending the entire journey with a celebration outside Oxford United’s Kassam Stadium.

It's been quite the undertaking.

"There are a lot of people struggling at the moment and I wanted to do something for charity," Jon continues. "I'm furloughed from work, so I've got a bit of time on my hands. 

"The most I’ve done in a day was 14 [stadiums], which was from Huddersfield, into Greater Manchester, then down to Stoke, Port Vale and the clubs around that area. The longest trip I had was the Riverside stadium in Middlesbrough, on to Newcastle, Sunderland, across to Carlisle and down to Morecambe. 

"I leave around half-past nine. But I go on until I run out of daylight, so I'm getting home about half-past 12 or one o'clock in the morning."

Jon's route has taken him 4,800 miles across England, with each exhausting hike away from the south-east ending with him slogging back along the M40 to Oxford.


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20 June 2020

And it's not just time and energy that Jon's spent on his Herculean mission, he's also shelled out over £700 on petrol and had to face disgruntled stadium security during 15-hour days.

But beyond "plenty of Red Bull," something more poignant keeps him going.

"I've got a lot of family and friends who do suffer with depression, and it's very sad. At times like this, during lockdown, seeing how people are generally is sad. It's not just about raising funds, but trying to raise awareness - letting people know there is help out there for them and that it's okay to talk to people about things. 

"It keeps you driving on. Some days, I don't get many donations, and some I do. When donations go in, it gives you a drive and a boost."

Keep that drive going, help make Jon’s incredible cross-country effort worthwhile and support a fantastic cause by donating to Mind here

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