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Zaha reveals which former players he'd love to link up with again

27 March 2020

It has been 10 years since Wilfried Zaha made his red and blue debut, and to commemorate that moment the man himself joined the club live on Instagram for an ‘anything goes’ Q&A alongside Palace TV’s Chris Grierson.

In amongst the thousands that tuned in to hear what Zaha had to say were former teammates Yannick Bolasie, Jonny Williams and Pape Souaré – in which Zaha confirmed that the former Eagles left-back did in fact learn English in just two months. Impressive.

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27 March 2020

Naturally, our Palace icon was asked such things as: What did he have for breakfast? 'Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and a croissant' being the answer for those first-meal-of-the-day-enthusiasts out there. Oh, and Zaha puts the milk in last when he’s making a tea and he puts chocolate in the fridge.

Below, we’ve put picked out some of the more in-depth and insightful question-and-answers from what went on during the 30-minute chat.

Reflecting on the six-minute long video that Palace TV put together of Zaha’s red and blue career so far: “It’s crazy, man. I remember every single one of those games. 10 years is mad – it’s actually crazy. It’s an emotional video watching it back.

"Those were some of my best moments in my career and I appreciate all the love I’ve had from Palace in my career. All those priceless moments in the shirt - has been an amazing journey so far.”

Favourite stadium outside of Selhurst Park: "I do enjoy Manchester City’s stadium and Arsenal’s stadium – big pitches. Because when we play we counter teams most of the time, and when there’s space it’s a joy for us wingers.

Hardest left-back and right-back: "Wayne Bridge because he was smart with what he did – not being the fastest but being there at the right time, reading the game well.

"Probably Antonio Valencia, because he is strong, fast and I had to think outside the box to get past him."

Hardest moment: "Losing to Manchester United in the final in the cup because I feel like we should’ve got more out of that game but that’s life.

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27 March 2020

What would Zaha have done differently looking back at that FA Cup final: "Not let ourselves be pinned back so much.

"We scored and we thought we needed to back off all the way into our box. I remember – I think it was for Mata’s goal – Rooney just drove across our box, and because we were so deep, he chipped it in…we were literally defending on the line."

Hardest player in training: "Probably Aaron [Wan-Bissaka]. It’s hard to get past him. I’ve watched a few games [of his at Manchester United] and what I’ve thought of him is what I’ve thought of him before.

"Everything that everyone is saying now is what we knew before – calling him 'The Spider.' And now he’s playing in front of the world and it’s nice to see that the world is seeing it now.

Favourite goal: "It is definitely my header against Brighton in the play-off semi-final, because no one expected a header for sure - that was a vital goal to push on to win that game."

How is Zaha spending social distancing: "I watch cartoons, me - all the time. I don’t have to make sense of it and it makes me laugh – I don’t like watching dramas. I like watching silly things most of the time.

"I’m playing Call of Duty or I'm playing football in the garden or go to the gym [in his garage]."

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20 March 2020

If you had to quarantine with one Palace player and why: "Probably Jaïro. He’s the most laidback individual I’ve ever met. Nothing fazes him. He’s just chilled all the time." 

If you could bring a player back to Palace: Darren Ambrose. It would be between Glenn Murray and Darren Ambrose. Actually, three players! Oh my God, this is a difficult one: Yannick, Darren and Glenn.

"They’re all amazing but I’ll say Darren Ambrose because I’ve seen him score some unreal goals. You don’t have to do much with assists for him. You see when at Manchester United and we won? I just gave him the ball at the halfway line and he just shot from that far and still scored."

How do you deal with all the hate: "It kind of spurs me on. I feel like that if I didn’t have much to offer I wouldn’t get booed by all the fans, you know? They’re asking for me to show them something, basically."

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