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Schlupp reveals prep and mental strength required in his role

1 January 2021

Jeffrey Schlupp has become renowned in south London and beyond for being one of England's most versatile footballers.

His ability to play and succeed across the pitch throughout his career is well documented, but his cool head amidst an unstable backdrop is less so.


Crystal Palace v Sheffield United matchday programme features Schlupp, Dann, Ambrose and Parish

1 January 2021

Over the Christmas period, Schlupp spoke with the Palace programme to reveal how he maintains his calm and what he does to prepare for the mental battle of changing your game multiple times a season.

"If you’re playing in defence against a tricky winger," he explains, "and then playing further up the pitch... up front against centre-halves, it’s almost roles reversed. Mentally you’ve got to get it right.”

It means taking preparation seriously, he continues: "Normally leading up to the games I’ll have a chat with the gaffer if he’s about to put me in somewhere else, so I’ve got enough time to get my head around it and prepare well for whatever position I’m playing."

While reflecting on life moving between clubs and managers, countries and positions, Schlupp displays the attitude that's not only led him to a Premier League title, but that guides him through everyday life, too:

"You’ve got to look at the positive in everything regarding football otherwise it could get really tough.

"You’ve always got to take the positive out of anything. In football there are so many highs and lows. The lows you take in your stride, but being positive is the main thing."

To hear more from Jeff, including his feelings on scoring in front of fans again, his reaction to football's suspension and how he adapted under three managers in his first eight months, grab a copy of the Palace programme here.

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So, enjoy all this and more and grab your copy here!

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