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Hodgson addresses issue of international players' quarantine rules

7 March 2021

With international fixtures for many Premier League players on the horizon, Roy Hodgson was asked for his opinion on players leaving the country to compete for their national side while England is under a national lockdown.

Jordan Ayew and Jeffrey Schlupp's Ghana, for example, are due to play in South Africa on March 25th. South Africa is currently red-listed by the UK Government - meaning entry from the country is banned.

"I don’t think we have much choice," Hodgson said when asked if he would permit or limit travel. "I don’t think the Government will allow travel to South Africa. So I don’t understand if South Africa is on a banned list how we can happily allow our players to go. It’s out of our hands, to be honest.

"As far as others are concerned I understand my colleagues’ [other managers] concern over players going to play for the national team when others [require] quarantine. I only hope the Premier League will assure us that when players return to the bubble they’ve left from a bubble with their national team, they won’t be punished by not being able to train or play. That would be very, very harsh."

However Hodgson also explained the flipside of the current dilemma, discussing how managers want the best for their players when it comes to international football.

He said: "The fact is you want players to play for national teams, do well and come back to do well for you. You don’t want them to go with their national teams knowing full well when they return you won’t see them for 10 days.

"As far as the red-list countries are concerned there’s nothing to discuss in that matter - my suggestion is that Ghana and other countries with games in these countries should try and move the game to somewhere where players can travel."

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