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Crystal palace

      Date & Timings:

      • BETA v AMP
      • Sunday 2nd June, 2024
      • 16:00 kick-off
      • Fanzone open at 12:00
      • Gates open at 13:00

      Please note you will not be required to create a Crystal Palace account. If you have an existing Crystal Palace ticketing account, you will not be required to register for a new Ticketmaster account and can instead 'Activate Account' by entering your Client Reference Number (Membership Code) and surname.


      • £8 for Whitehorse & Holmesdale Road Stand (behind the goal)

      • £10 for Main stand and Arthur Wait

      • £1 discount for restricted view

        £1.50 per ticket booking fee on all tickets


      U16s will have to be accompanied by an adult (18+).


      Any fans requiring accessible tickets will need to contact

      The supporter would need to outline in an email what accessible requirements they have and provide supporting documentation which will also be used to determine if they are eligible for a complimentary PA.

      To qualify for a complimentary PA/Companion ticket we ask to see a copy of your supporting documentation by way of middle/higher level DLA letter, normal/enhanced level PIP award letter, or Blind or Partially Sighted Registration Certificate. In some circumstances, we will accept a personal letter from your GP or hospital outlining your access requirements.

      The safety of everyone in attendance at Selhurst Park is paramount, so we ask that your personal assistant is fully able to support your needs and provide necessary assistance in the event of an emergency. We recommend that your PA is 16 years of age or older, however, if this isn’t the case, please get in touch with our DLO or DAO to advise us of your requirements prior to matchday.

      Ticket delivery:

      Tickets will be delivered via email in PDF format.