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Crystal palace

      Voting for Fan Advisory Board (FAB) has now commenced. This new body has been established for supporter engagement, where important issues can be raised by supporter representatives and discussed with senior club officials. You can find full details about the FAB, here.

      There are four different supporter categories, shown below. You will only be able to vote on your respective categories, for example, Season Ticket holders will be able to vote for their preferred Season Ticket holder representative.

      Voting will only show to supporters who are eligible to vote. If a vote is not shown, and you are eligible, make sure you are logged into your Palace account.

      1. Season Ticket holders
      2. Gold Members
      3. International Members
      4. Away match attendees

      We asked each nominee for a short statement on why they applied for the FAB. Please read each candidate’s submission prior to voting.

      If you have any enquiries regarding the Fan Advisory Board, please email


      01 - Duncan Town

      I ask for your vote to represent Season Ticket holders on the Club’s Fan Advisory Board. This is a fantastic chance for us to liaise directly with the Club and influence our matchday experience. I attended my first Crystal Palace match in the 70’s and currently attend over 20 games per season home and away, so have first-hand knowledge of the matchday experience. If elected I will enthusiastically engage with fellow supporters to understand the key issues we all face. It is important we grasp this opportunity to shape our future with the forthcoming new stand development. Please vote.

      02 - George Boughton

      As a lifelong Palace fan, having sat next to my dad in the Holmesdale for many years, being shortlisted for the FAB is an honour that I do not take lightly. Having taken my girlfriend to her first Palace game last weekend and sharing in the passion and enjoyment that comes from being at Selhurst, I am driven to represent all season ticket holders to the best of my ability. I will focus on the new stand, club shop and food, alongside the club's net zero plan, ensuring Palace remains an inclusive and sustainable club for all.

      03 - Jennifer Ball

      A season ticket holder for many years, I want to use this role to get to know other supporters, represent their views and bring fresh thinking to our club. I've worked in corporate communications for over 20 years driving the emotional commitment between companies and their employees. I promise to use this experience to build the same connection between our club and its fans. I'll be your voice and make sure your views are heard and actioned. I understand how fans think and feel because I am one of them.

      04 - Riyaz Cheytan

      From my first Palace game at 16, I've been hooked - 32 years later and nothing's changed. I'm a British-born Asian whose parents emigrated to Croydon from Mauritius and it means the world to me that we are a community club and home to all ages, races and genders. I live 3 miles from the ground and my son and I rarely miss a match, it's the bedrock of our relationship. He's had a season ticket since he was 5 and will be a fan for life. I'd love to join the fan board to ensure local families remain the beating heart of Palace.

      05 - Shanine Salmon

      I am applying for the Crystal Palace FC Supporters/Fan Advisory Board. I would like more women’s toilets. I would also like to see more sense of community around match days and non-match days. Better signage for those attending games and offering a diverse range of food providers along Holmesdale Road and other closed roads, alongside concourse food. Selhurst Park is more than a stadium, it should be a community hub, and the closed roads on match days should offer more to the community as well as home and away fans attending the matches.

      06 - Terry Berry

      As a devoted fan of Crystal Palace, my heart beats in sync with the pulsating rhythm of Selhurst Park. The passion that courses through my veins drives me to seek a place on the fan advisory committee. I yearn to make a difference, to be a voice for the loyal supporters who bleed red and blue. With my unwavering dedication, I promise to pour my heart and soul into every decision, ensuring that the fans' interests are at the forefront. Grant me the opportunity to help shape the future of our beloved club. Together we will soar to new heights.


      01 - Janice Bishop

      I should be elected so I may share mine and listen with interest to views of members of other groups and together we can suggest improvements where needed that are beneficial to all without affecting the dna of our club that belongs to all whoever they maybe. Any suggestions can hopefully be swiftly effective and in the long term when the champions league theme is heard at Selhurst Park we will be ready.

      02 - Mark Ambler

      I have a passion for football that led me to complete a masters degree in sport and social history. It has given me a deep insight into the value of the cultural significance of football and the links between a club, the fans, society and the local community. As a former Palace Season Ticket holder, current Gold member and fan since 1989, I share your love of our club. I can combine my studies, life experience and love of Palace to protect the historic customs of our club while seeking to integrate new ideas.

      03 - Stuart Brown

      I should be elected to the Crystal Palace Fan Advisory Board because I'm a dedicated, supporter home and away with my son, from Walsall to Wembley, I’ve never left the rollercoaster, deeply invested in the club's success. With my extensive hospitality experience, I can contribute to enhancing the matchday experience for fans. My passion and commitment, combined with my ability to listen to and represent fellow fans, will ensure our voices are heard and valued in shaping the club's future, resulting in a more enjoyable and engaging experience for all supporters.

      04 - Tim Richards

      Palace have been in my blood for over 46 years through all our ups and downs. Not just a fanbase, we are a diverse and thriving community to be immensely proud of, integral to our club being able to reach its full potential. The fans and the club need to work together with honest and constructive two-way communication leading to concrete outcomes. It would be a huge honour representing our community on the FAB allowing me to use my excellent communication skills and passion for the benefit of all fans now and in the future. The future is Palace.


      01 - Christopher Maginnis

      I have supported Crystal Palace since attending my first game as a 12 year old in 1972, we beat Man Utd 5-0. Season ticket holder until I moved to Louisiana in the USA in 2004. I am lucky enough to be able to travel over between 7 and 8 times a year to go to games. I am member of CPFC groups on Facebook and contribute regularly. I deal with people every day, and I am able to make decisions knowing all the facts. I would like the opportunity to represent the Club and the fans equally, whilst remaining impartial.

      02 - Pat Rosanio

      My goal is always to present things objectively with all sides’ views properly represented. I previously worked doing Sports Science/Performance Data in professional sports, and I try to use my skillset to explain, in simple terms, certain trend/tactics via data. I believe my experience in the professional realm would allow me to be a valuable liaison between the club and its supporters.

      03 - Ryan Saulsbury

      I've run holmesdaleUSA for close to 10 years bringing together Palace fans across the states, South London and beyond! This has included connecting supporters to form local groups for meetups on matchdays, events during preseason tours, trips to selhurst and fundraisers for south London initiatives! Being voted to the FAB will just continue these efforts of helping connect fans with our club and South London. I will give a voice not just for our group stateside but also the rest of our international members and continue our connection with Palace groups in South London!

      04 - Scott Byers

      From Miami, Florida, I've been a die-hard Crystal Palace fan for decades through the good and bad in both the Championship and Premier Leagues.  I bleed Red & Blue!  Palace has the best fanbase in the world.  I have cherished every visit to Selhurst and never miss a match on TV.  I have been to hundreds of stadiums throughout the world, with my experiences at Selhurst being my favorite.  I've had season tickets to multiple sports in the U.S. and, if elected, will provide significant and unique insight to improve the ever important fan gameday experience.  Go EAGLES!!!


      01 - Adil Cockar

      My belief is our fans and club should have a transparent, honest and open understanding, where all topics can be discussed to help us move forward together as one. If I get selected on the FAB, I promise an open structured communication base with a vision of helping the club and the fans build a foundation for improvement and growth. I lead with an open mind and would love to be in a position where I can make a difference based on experience and trust that has been built over the last 23 years of support.

      02 - Mark Silverstein

      Having attended hundreds of Palace matches as a home and away season ticket holder I am very familiar with the match going experience. I am very proud of the links between the club, its supporters and the local community. Palace’s success over the past thirteen years has been built on these links and I want to ensure those links remain strong and healthy by joining the Fan Advisory Board. As a recently retired lawyer I will be an advocate for the supporters, match going and otherwise, but in a fair and balanced way.

      03 - Paul Massarella

      My first game was in 1979 watching the team of the eighties. It started a love and addiction unparalleled. In 1987 I started going to away games and have barely missed a game since, (current run of 11 years without missing a competitive game) I now attend every game with my daughter, it’s a way of life. I understand what being a Palace fan is about and if elected will put my heart and soul into representing you all the way you deserve, with pride and passion.

      04 - Rebekah Salmon

      I'm not your typical lifelong fan, having found my love for this great club in my twenties whilst we scrapped in the Championship, but my passion for Palace has become a huge part of my life. As an equality, diversity and inclusion lead in my career, I give people an equal voice, act as an ally to groups, and ensure that people are treated fairly. This experience will add value to the fan advisory board, allowing me to effectively champion ideas and viewpoints to the club's management, ensuring that the values and aspirations of our supporters are heard and actioned.