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Crystal palace

      Voting for a representative of Premium hospitality guests to sit on the Fan Advisory Board (FAB) has now commenced. This new body has been established for supporter engagement, where important issues can be raised by supporter representatives and discussed with senior club officials. You can find full details about the FAB, here.

      If you have any enquiries regarding the Fan Advisory Board, please email

      We asked each nominee for a short statement on why they applied for the FAB. Please read each candidate’s submission prior to voting.

      Alexandra Morley

      I am a season ticket holder of 49 years, and Vice-Presidents from 1979 for 10 years, then the Executive Club (now Malcolm Allison), re-joining Vice Presidents last year.

      I know a lot of my fellow Premium spectators, many of the staff, and most people know me. I was lucky to go to many sporting events on hospitality throughout my career, so I know what good hospitality looks like.  I also work as a hospitality Steward at Lord’s, and volunteered in hospitality at many major sporting events. My aim is always to ensure every guest has the best possible experience.

      I feel I would be able to represent the views and concerns of our Premium season ticket holders, and take a reasonable approach to any issues arising.

      Barry Bell

      I am delighted to be informed I have been shortlisted to sit on the fan advisory board to represent fellow premium hospitality guests.

      Like many supporters I am passionate about Crystal Palace football club and feel proud to be part of the CPFC family.

      I have supported the club for over 50 years of which the last 25 years plus have been as a premium hospitality guest where I have formed friendships with guests from other premium lounges in particular Speroni’s.

      Having been associated with the club for many years I have witnessed the positive changes which have taken place to improve the match day experience and strongly believe by talking and listening to fellow guests we can strive towards making more improvements to ensure the premium hospitality at CPFC remains one of the best in the Premier League.

      Chris Wait

      I am a lifelong Palace fan who has sat all around the ground over the years but have been in the VP’s and Directors box for 20 years now and have seen this change for the better over the years.

      I have an affinity with Palace but understand through running my own business, that there are many ways to achieve what is best for us the fans, while making it work well for the Club at the same time.

      I would be delighted to give my time, to obtain views from others and represent Premium fans to the best of my ability.

      Gary Neate

      Since the early 1970s, Crystal Palace has been more than just a football club to me; it's been a source of joy, pride, and unwavering loyalty. Through the highs and lows, I've stood by the Eagles, and now I'm ready to represent the Premium hospitality guests with the same passion and dedication.

      My decades-long commitment to Crystal Palace has given me a deep understanding of what it means to be a fan. I've witnessed the evolution of the club, felt the emotions of each game, and cherished the camaraderie with fellow supporters. As your representative, I will channel this lifelong devotion into advocating for the Premium fans, ensuring their voices are heard, and their experiences are enhanced.

      Choose me, and together we'll soar to new heights, just like our beloved Eagles.