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Crystal palace

      IMPORTANT: Anyone who does not download their Mobile Season Ticket before the download deadline then will be emailed an e-ticket well in advance of the match.

      Please ensure you have read the announcement story HERE, as this contains crucial information.

      Please arrive at Selhurst Park well in advance of kick-off to reduce the chance of queues.

      On matchdays, support is available at the Box Office which is located within the Club Shop, or at a ‘reprint station’ – locations of which will be detailed prior to each matchday.

      How do I download my Season Ticket?

      Season Ticket holders can download their tickets in one of three ways:

      1. Download your ticket to your smartphone straight from the official Crystal Palace app. Click here for Apple devices and here for Android users.

      2. Download your ticket to your smartphone

      Instructions on how to do either of these two options can be found here.

      1. You can also ask the Box Office ( to send you a unique link via email (please put 'Send NFC Link' in the subject bar). Once you have clicked the link, follow the instructions on your phone to add to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.
      I am trying to download my ticket to an Android device but it is not working.

      Mobile tickets will work on most Android phones purchased since 2015 if they are operating the latest software and have Google Pay installed.

      Please ensure you have enabled NFC in settings.

      If you are having trouble with your browser, try using an alternative browser; we recommend Google Chrome as the default browser. You must be signed in with Chrome with the Google account you use on the Play Store.

      This will ensure that your ticket is added to the correct account. If you receive an error which says that you have already downloaded, please email the Box Office with 'Google download issue' in the subject bar and we will be in contact.

      Can I share my ticket with someone else?

      Yes, you can share your ticket; please click here for more information.

      I don’t have a smartphone, or my phone doesn’t work and I need a card.

      Please email FAO Paul McGowan, detailing why your require a card; this request will then be authorised or rejected.

      If rejected, you will be given another option to gain entry to the ground by email.

      I am aged 16 or under - how do I download my Season Ticket?

      All Season Ticket holders aged 16 and under will gain access to Selhurst Park using a Season Ticket card; these cards were posted in September.

      Mobile tickets will also work for U16s if you have these loaded into your Apple Wallet / Google Pay. Parents of U16s can also download tickets to their phone so they will have multiple tickets stored.

      Can I print my digital ticket?

      No, a printed version of your digital ticket will not allow access to Selhurst Park. Entry with a digital ticket will only work using a smartphone.

      What happens if my phone battery dies while on the way to the match?

      We recommend all supporters ensure they have sufficient phone battery before setting off for the match. If your phone does run out of battery, please visit the Box Office inside the Selhurst Park Club Shop.

      Do you need to have phone reception at Selhurst Park to use your Mobile Ticket?

      No. As long as you have your Mobile Ticket saved in your Apple Wallet / Google Pay in advance of arriving at the stadium, you do not require phone signal. Please make sure you have sufficient battery and turn your screen brightness up!

      How do I know if my phone is compatible and will work with Mobile Ticketing, and what do I do if it doesn't work on my phone?

      Mobile Ticketing is compatible with iPhone 7 or any of the newer iPhone models, and most Android phones purchased since 2015.

      Android users will need to ensure Google Pay is installed and set as the default payment mechanism, and enable NFC in settings. If Android users are having trouble with their browser, try using an alternative; we recommend Google Chrome as the default browser. You must be signed in with Chrome with the Google account you use on the Play Store. This will ensure that your ticket is added to the correct account.

      If you do not have a smartphone, or have an incompatible phone, please email with the email subject line ‘No smartphone’ including your Client Reference Number and all other relevant details.

      I’m having trouble downloading my friend / family member’s Season Ticket on the CPFC app, what should I do?

      Some users have experienced issues when downloading multiple Mobile Season Tickets for friends / family members. Please try downloading your Ticket(s) via the website (, in this instance (Option 2 shown here).

      Can I download my friend/family member’s NFC pass if they do not have a compatible smartphone?

      Yes. For Season Ticket holders who do not have a compatible smartphone to download their NFC pass to, you will be able to download their NFC pass to your device if you are accompanying them to the match.

      To do this, they will need to log-in to their account on your phone, so you can download the NFC pass to your phone. This means you will have multiple passes on your phone.

      When you approach the turnstile, select your friend or family member's pass first from your Google Pay/Apple Wallet, touch it to the reader and let them proceed through the turnstile. Then, select your own pass, tap it to the reader and enter.

      How many times can I download my NFC pass to my smartphone? What if I change phones?

      You can only download your NFC pass once. If you delete your pass or if you receive an error saying that you have already downloaded please contact the Box Office who can resend you a link to download. Please ensure you include 'Send NFC Link' in the email subject bar

      What happens if a fixture date or times change?

      Any fixture changes will automatically update on your mobile Season Ticket.

      I don’t have a smart phone. How can I access the stadium on matchdays?

      Please contact the Box Office using the email subject 'No smartphone'.