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22/23 Season Tickets
How can I purchase my Season Ticket?

The quickest and simplest way to purchase your Season Ticket is online.

You can also purchase your Season Ticket over the phone by calling our new local rate phone number 0330 360 1861, or in person at the Box Office.

Please note that a transaction fee of £2.50 will apply to purchases over the phone or in person (only).

I would like to pay for my Season Ticket via the club's direct debit scheme, when can I do this?

Supporters can pay in monthly instalments in Phase 2, beginning on 1st June.

This season, you will be able to choose between two instalment dates, either the 1st or 15th of each month.

Will I receive a Season Ticket card for the 2022/23 season?

Supporters will again be able to download their ticket onto their phone in the form of an NFC digital ticket.

Seniors, Juniors and supporters registered disabled will have the choice of either an NFC digital ticket or a physical Season Ticket card.

If you are purchasing an adult ticket at the same time as a Junior/Senior/disabled ticket, the system will automatically default to NFC download. If you require a physical Season Ticket for any of the Junior/Senior/disabled supporters you have purchased for please email

How do I apply for a physical Season Ticket card?

Eligible supporters can select a physical Season Ticket card at the point of purchase, either online or through the Box Office.

When will I receive my Season Ticket?

Supporters will able to download their NFC digital Season Ticket by the end of June.

Supporters who are eligible and have opted for a physical Season Ticket card will be able to collect their Season Ticket by the end of July. Supporters will be emailed when their ticket is ready to collect.

Will I be able to share my Season Ticket?

Season Ticket+ holders will be able to transfer their tickets to selected supporters via their online account – this service will launch in due course.

All Season Ticket holders will be able to place their ticket for selected games (determined by the club) up for sale to fellow Members or Season Ticket holders.

Please check T&Cs for more information.

As a Season Ticket+ holder, how do I transfer my Season Ticket for a particular match?

There will be detailed user guides available to supporters in advance of the first game of the 22/23 season explaining how to use the online ticketing sharing platform.

What is Season Ticket+?

Season Ticket+ is a new additional product exclusively for Season Ticket holders, giving holders a huge range of unique benefits, on top of your normal Season Ticket.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to share your Season Ticket for specific games with a select group of supporters via your online account

  • A PalaceTV+ subscription for the 22/23 season (worth £29.99) – with live broadcasts of selected pre-season matches and Academy matches

  • 10% off all purchases in the club shop

  • An additional 250 Loyalty Points (on top of your 500 for the Season Ticket)

  • Welcome pack including a reusable drinks bottle, badge and key ring.

  • No booking fees on any ticket order

  • Special edition design of your digital Season Ticket

  • A full list of benefits and more information can be found HERE.

You can purchase the add-on at the same time as buying your Season Ticket or you can add this at any point throughout the season. For full information please click here.

What is the club's COVID policy for the 22/23 season?

The club will continue to follow the latest government guidance at all times.

How do I qualify for a family Season Ticket?

Family Season Tickets are available in the Whitehorse Lane stand and blocks A and J of the Main Stand only. To qualify you must have a minimum of one child to a maximum of two adults.

You can have other combinations, such as three children and two adults or four children and one adult. However, if you have three adults and one child, the third adult in this group would pay full price.

I want to move my Season Ticket seat, how do I do this?

If you would like to move your Season Ticket you can do this during the Season Ticket holder moving window (20-22 June). This will happen just after the renewal period ends and before we sell any Season Tickets to those on the waiting list. See HERE for the timeline of the Season Ticket process.

I want to become a new Season Ticket holder for the 22/23 season or buy an additional Season Ticket for a friend or family member, how do I do this?

Join the Season Ticket Waiting List HERE, giving you the first option to buy a Season Ticket before they become available on general sale. This costs £10, which will be taken off the price of your Season Ticket when you purchase.

I am current Season Ticket holder and I have recently been registered disabled, how do I purchase my Season Ticket and do I qualify for a PA ticket?

To qualify for a free PA ticket, disabled supporters must receive the medium to higher rate of disability benefit or P.I.P. If you aren’t currently registered disabled with the club please email and we will be in touch to advise of the next steps.

How do I create an online account?

To create an online account, please click here,

Enter your full name, address, date of birth and email and then decide your marketing preferences, this tells us how you would like to be contacted by the club.

Once you have completed these steps you then need to link your client reference to your online account.

The details on your new online account must match those on your ticketing account for the link to be successful. For example, if your name on your ticketing account is Tom and on your online account it is Thomas, this will not link.

The details must be the same for name, post code, email and date of birth.

I’m a “Season Ticket+” holder, when will I receive my benefits?

Season Ticket+ digital benefits will start from the 1st July 2022, we expect the welcome packs to be delivered in early August.

I have a gift voucher/credit to use towards my Season Ticket for 22/23 season, how can I use this?

If purchasing online, you will need to add the gift voucher code before you add in your debit/credit card.

In the top right-hand corner of the screen you will see a prompt to add a gift voucher. Once clicked, it will ask you to add your code into the box.

You can find this in two places:

  1. On your confirmation email when your amount was added

  2. In your personal details of your ticketing account. Click ‘History’ and then change in the drop down from ‘History of Tickets’ to ‘History of Gift Vouchers’.

You can then copy this number and add it into the Gift Voucher box. This will deduct the gift voucher/credit balance from your Season Ticket cost. Then proceed to the payment screen and add your debit/credit card details.

If you are purchasing over the phone or in person, please advise the ticketing team that you have a credit/gift voucher to use before you begin the process and we will add this for you.